Integrated one sided installation fastening system

UV-stabilized hydrophobic coatings

Tuned to meet specific RF performance requirements

Designed to protect your system and extend the lifecycle

Infinite Technologies, Inc. Radomes and Composite Structures (ITI-RCS) specializes in radome design and production for sandwich composite and solid laminate radomes. We understand the need for constant improvement and innovation in a cost-driven, world-wide operating environment. Our ability to complete projects on-time and within budget has allowed us to maintain many long-term client relationships. Our innovative approach to radome design and analysis has opened the door to become a leading global provider of FRP radomes.

ITI-RCS offers radomes for new site installations and replacement solutions for existing SATCOM, Telemetry and Tracking, 3D Air Surveillance, weather radar, and phased-array radar systems. If you are looking for more information or you wish to purchase a radome, please explore this website or contact us directly for more information.